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We like books and cats and gardens, birds, forests, and some dogs.

We’re here to celebrate and mourn, to read and write and listen and see. Join us!

Help create a community of writers and artists reading, sometimes reading together, watching, seeing, loving, ranting, raging, exploring the world.

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Catherine Gammon’s novels are The Martyrs, The Lovers (2023), China Blue (2021), Sorrow (2013), and Isabel Out of the Rain (1991). Her collection The Gunman and the Carnival is forthcoming in 2024 from Baobab Press. Before leaving academia to begin formal Zen training at San Francisco Zen Center, Catherine served on the faculty of the Master of Fine Arts program of the University of Pittsburgh. She practices, writes, and lives again in Pittsburgh, with her garden and her cat.

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Catherine Gammon

Novels: The Martyrs, The Lovers (2023), China Blue (2021), Isabel Out of the Rain (1991), Sorrow (2013). The Gunman & The Carnival coming in 2024 from Baobab Press. Living in Pittsburgh, with a garden and a big orange cat.